Ballet Training for Young Dancers

Classically trained ballet teachers guide young dancers of various abilities through exercises and proper training that develop technique, discipline, flexibility, stamina and endurance. Ballet training helps dancers of all disciplines develop a technical framework that supports on-going growth.

Ballet for Adults

Ballet is fun way to increase flexibility, stamina, and endurance while exercising and meeting new people. Choose from a selection of professionally trained ballet teachers who will help you develop the correct placement to prevent injury and ensure a healthy and enjoyable learning environment.


All pointe classes are designed for students with previous ballet training. Students will utilize previously learned ballet technique while working in pointe shoes. Each class includes barre exercises, center floor work, and across-the-floor combinations. These exercises focus on strengthening the feet and ankles. Permission from the teacher is required prior to enrolling.

Chico Community Ballet Classes

CCB classes develop company members' discipline and professionalism, preparing them for performance on the local stage and beyond. Students learn to perform pieces set in both classical and contemporary ballet styles. Master classes from visiting professional dancers are made available to company members. CCB classes are only available to students who have attended the audition and have been accepted into the company.