Offered to ages 4 & up in various levels. Classes offered include a focus on the latest street styles of hip hop including Freestyle, Grooving, Bucking, Krumping, Girly, and New style.

Break Dance

Breakdancing, also known as Breaking, B-Boying, or B-Girling, is a popular style of street dance usually danced to Hip-Hop music which incorporates intricate body movements, strong acrobatic moves, coordination, style, spontaneity, and fashion.


This class is focuses on learning, improving, and perfecting technique in jumps, kicks, and turns. To increase a dancer's power, stretching and strengthening exercises are also included in this class. 


Offered to ages 4 & up in various levels. Through an exploration of both classic and current styles of Jazz, students develop a stronger sense of contemporary dance technique and placement.

Lyrical and Contemporary

Offered to various ages. Lyrical focuses on the “lyrics” of music to interpret a story. Contemporary is interpretive, improvizational, and story-telling with abstract movement and choreography. It is a form of Jazz. 

Synthesis Classes

Synthesis Dance Company’s in-depth dance education program is designed to help prepare students for regular community performance and competition within the North State. Classes focus on giving students an in-depth understanding of professional dance techniques and skills. Synthesis Dance Company classes and workshops are only available to students who have auditioned and have been accepted into the company.