A Letter To Our Dance Community

Greetings Chico Creek Dance Centre Community, Chico Community Ballet, Full Force

Dance Company & our Dance Evolution Family

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all those who have been impacted by the fires surrounding

Chico, and affecting Paradise and Magalia directly. Our dance community and family have

many students from the Paradise and the Magalia area, all of them impacted deeply by this

tragedy as are we all. 

Chico Creek Dance Centre will be closed until at least Monday. No rehearsals will be held

Friday or Saturday.

On Sunday we will welcome dancers and families to our studio for Cinderella rehearsal and

to regroup with more information. This is an optional gathering. We know that dance can be

healing and we want to help in all the ways we can. We will gather at Chico Creek Dance

Centre at the regularly scheduled Sunday rehearsal times. 

Please e-mail or text us with updates, so we can make plans moving forward. A brief update

of your needs or current plans would be helpful. We know that many have lost everything.

We will also be taking donations on Sunday of dancewear, clothing, and toiletry supplies

(brushes, combs, bobby pins). 

If you can, please bring food for a potluck at 3:00PM prior to the run-through; we need each

other more than anything. 

We will keep you posted as updates develop. For now, the ballet will happen.

It’s going to be difficult in the days ahead, and we are a strong and supportive community

who will meet the challenges with heart and compassion and support. Our partnership will be

critical to help the healing process.

Please reach out when you’re in need of support and be safe in the days ahead.


Deborah Jorritsma

Text: 530-521-7193

E-mail: jorritsma@sbcglobal.net

Catherine Sullivan

Text: 530-781-2796 Home: 530-894-1304

E-mail: sullivan.catherine@sbcglobal.net

& Jarrah Myles

Text: 530-230-7676

E-mail: jmyles@inspirechico.org